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Keys to Success: How can we live fierce, fulfilling lives despite being members of marginalized communities? How can we make space to imagine expansive futures for ourselves? How do we transform our vision into actionable goals? In this workshop you will use creative writing exercises to align your values, your vision, and your path. Participants will leave the workshop with a framework for understanding the importance of life style design and a road map to start walking the path to their ideal lives today.


Self Love & Liberation: How can we bring healing and empowerment to folks facing multiple forms of oppression? This workshop is for anyone interested in learning how self-care, yoga,  and mindfulness practices can help us decolonize our minds. By contextualizing self-care in a social justice framework, participants will learn how practices of self-love can help resist oppressive narratives they've internalized. Each session of Self Love and Liberation includes a yoga practice and an intention setting meditation, followed by a journaling exercise. Participants leave with tools to incorporate these practices into their lives beyond the workshop. 

Working for Liberation How Inspired Entrepreneurship Can Support Social Justice.

How can you build a business that supports your life, honors your principles, and serve the greater good? How can healers, creatives, and justice workers be compensated for their expertise? How can our professional lives serve social change? If you’ve ever contemplated those questions you’re not alone. Working for Liberation will explore these topics in a discussion based strategy packed workshop. This workshop will consist of both an interactive presentation and a Q&A where participants can share their questions and experiences.

Past Events: Goal Setting and Go Getting, Glow Up Game Plan: Design Your 2017

"Loved the foundation based on bell hooks, DJ Khaled, and Octavia Butler."

"Very inspiring and mind opening talk! Pinpointing finer details on goal visualization"

"Warm and welcoming environment! Love the mix of pop culture and theory, breaking things down to practical goals was super helpful."

"Contract for success is great, I believe it will help me continue my goals"

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