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Young and Gettin It: Rappers Under 25: Like many movements, hip-hop is inextricably linked to youth culture. In this workshop participants will unlock the poetry of lyricism by close reading the work of young rappers. Participants will write original poems and verses while learning about the origins of hip cop culture and contemporary struggles for access and representation in the music industry. Designed to be a  multi week class, this curriculum can be adapted to accommodate the needs of your group.

Poetry as Protest Words have the power-- how will you use yours?  In this workshop students will examine poetry that tackles social justice topics. We will write our own political poems and explore a variety of forms, including tweet poems, protest chants, hashtags, and found poems. This curriculum takes an interdisciplinary approach to creative writing by incorporating documentaries, contemporary art,  and primary news documents. Students who complete this course will have tools to communicate issues of injustice through poetry  and a framework for thinking critically about media consumption.

Poetry 101 This workshop is great for new writers or those looking for a refresher. Participants receive quick lessons on the basic elements of poetry and survey poetic forms. Students will get the opportunity to read and discuss the work of various poets before writing poems of their own.  Those who complete the course will leave with a basic understanding of poetic elements, guidelines for friendly feedback, and drafts of new material.



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